Who can take part in NEIS?

You can participate in NEIS if you:

  • are a job seeker and not currently employed or studying.  You do not need to be on welfare payments to take part in NEIS.
  • are at least 18 years of age at the time of commencing NEIS Assistance
  • are not prohibited by law from working in Australia
  • are not an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa or an overseas student studying in Australia
  • are available to participate in NEIS Training and work Full-Time in the proposed NEIS Business
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt
  • have not received NEIS Assistance in the previous year, and
  • are any other person or persons that the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business advises as being non-eligible in writing from time to time.

NEIS Business Eligibility Criteria

Your proposed business:

  • is not currently operating on a commercial basis
  • has an independent business structure
  • is lawful and capable of withstanding public scrutiny
  • has been assessed as commercially viable by Konekt Employment NEIS
  • will be established, located and operated solely within Australia, and
  • will be structured so that you maintain a controlling interest over the NEIS Business for the duration of your NEIS Participant Agreement.