About New Business Assistance with NEIS

Konekt Employment is the largest provider of New Business Assistance with NEIS.  Over the last 3 years, we’ve helped over 7,000 people start their own business.

Konekt Employment NEIS can help you turn your dream business idea into a reality.  

New Business Assistance with NEIS (NEIS) helps eligible job seekers set up and run their own small business.

NEIS can help you create a business plan, provide you with training in small business, and provide you with business advice and mentoring for the first 12 months.

All of the training is at no cost, and we’ll also provide you with access to training materials.

Are you a job seeker registered with a jobactive, ParentsNext or Disability Employment Service?

Ongoing income support

If you are currently registered with a jobactive, ParentsNext or Disability Employment Services (DES) provider and you receive welfare payments you can continue to receive ongoing income support while participating in NEIS:

  • Participants currently on Newstart allowance will receive NEIS allowance for up to 39 weeks (paid fortnightly) and may be eligible to receive NEIS Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks.
  • Participants on SSP or DSP payments can choose to continue to receive their current Pension, or choose to receive the NEIS allowance for up to 39 weeks (paid fortnightly) instead.

Are you are job seeker that is not receiving welfare payments?

Even if you’re not receiving welfare payments, you can still access the same training and mentoring support to help you start your own business.

Provided you’re not currently studying, you can receive free accredited training in small business and 12 months of business advice and mentoring.  However, you won’t be eligible to receive ongoing income support through the NEIS allowance.

NEIS Training

Accredited small business training is provided through a Registered Training Organisation in Certificate IV in New Small Business or Certificate III in Micro-Business Operations.

NEIS training is delivered face-to-face in a classroom format in metropolitan locations. In regional areas, training is delivered through mixed mode, including face-to-face training or online training.

You will also be assigned with your own training mentor who will assist you through each step of the training.

Highly Disadvantaged Clients

If you have been classed as Highly Disadvantaged, you will be provided with tailored training that best suits your personal situation.  Your NEIS consultant will discuss the options available to you.

How does it work?

If you feel you have a good business idea and would like to benefit from the NEIS programme, simply:

  1. Complete our online application form
  2. After receipt of your application, we’ll review your eligibility, and if you are eligible contact you to undertake a Business Feasibility Assessment. We will then let you know if you have been accepted to receive NEIS training.
  3. You’ll then be enrolled and commence training where you’ll gain the knowledge to set up and run your own small business.  During the course, you’ll also receive assistance to develop your business plan.
  4. Your completed plan will be assessed for viability in several key areas such as industry knowledge, qualifications, premises, funding, cashflow and marketing.
  5. You’ll also be provided with free business mentoring support and guidance for the first twelve months of your business operation.

NEIS Business Eligibility Criteria

Your proposed business:

  • is not currently operating on a commercial basis
  • has an independent business structure
  • is lawful and capable of withstanding public scrutiny
  • has been assessed as commercially viable by Konekt Employment NEIS
  • will be established, located and operated solely within Australia, and
  • will be structured so that you maintain a controlling interest over the NEIS Business for the duration of your NEIS Participant Agreement.

Who can take part in NEIS?

You can participate in NEIS if you:

  • are a job seeker and not currently employed or studying.  You do not need to be on welfare payments to take part in NEIS.
  • are at least 18 years of age at the time of commencing NEIS Assistance
  • are not prohibited by law from working in Australia
  • are not an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa or an overseas student studying in Australia
  • are available to participate in NEIS Training and work Full-Time in the proposed NEIS Business
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt
  • have not received NEIS Assistance in the previous year, and
  • are any other person or persons that the Department of Jobs and Small Business advises as being non-eligible in writing from time to time.

“I was nervous about my idea but now I know what to do to ensure the success of my plan.”
“The other people in the room were just as passionate about their idea as I am. I felt at home.”
“After I shared my business idea, I received feedback almost straight away that changed my thoughts about how I would run my business. This is only the first day!”