People with the right skills for your business

Even before you meet them, our clients are ready to fit right into your business.

At Konekt Employment, we actively prepare our clients so they are ready to work when you need them.  We invest time and effort to prepare all our clients so they’ll do a great job from day one. 

Clients with the right skills for your industry

We provide pre-selected clients with industry training and skills development activities, to equip them with the right skills and qualifications for local in-demand industries.

This means that when you have an available job opening, there is already a pool of available clients ready to work straight away.

Job ready clients in your area

We provide our clients with tailored industry training based on our understanding of local in-demand industries.

In-demand industries vary from location to location, and new job ready clients are ready  throughout the year.

Some areas where we may provide pre-employment training include customer service, hospitality, manufacturing, and process work .

Benefits of job ready talent:


Reduce the cost of recruitment. We have people ready to work when you need them – which means you don’t have to advertise for new staff.

Reduce the cost of training. Our clients are provided with tailored industry training and skills development based on the needs of your industry – which means they have the right skills and qualifications for your business.

Reduce the time to hire. Gaining access to an available pool of job ready clients reduces the time to hire, as the work of screening, selecting and pre-qualifying candidates is done for you.

Reduce the impact on your business. Having access to job ready talent allows you to quickly find the right staff for your available roles – creating less disruption to other employees, and less impact on the day-to-day operation of your business.

If you would like to find out more about our pool of job ready talent, and how we can help you find people with the right skills and training for your industry, talk to your KONEKT employment Business Development Consultant today on 13 11 24.