Radio is one of the few advertising mediums that includes a built in loyal audience. Most radio listeners have one or two favourite radio stations they tune in to regularly. This gives advertisers a unique co-branding opportunity. Radio listeners also report a greater willingness to not only listen to advertisements but have shown excellent response rates to radio spots. If you’re looking for a built in audience for your brand, radio provides a perfect opportunity.

Mix 94.5 currently has a fantastic opportunity for a small business – read below and enter today.

Big Breakfast

Do you have a small business that needs a little love?

Maybe you have a pet care dog grooming business that just isn’t flourishing or do you have a bin cleaning business that could do with a marketing jingle or ad?

Running your own small business means making hundreds of tough decisions every day.

The Big Breakfast’s Clairsy, Matt & Kymba are handling the hardest one for you, your small business marketing!

AAMI and The Big Breakfast are here to help!  They could be creating you a 30 second jingle or ad and giving you a share in $10k, all to help your small business grow!!

Does your small business need some love?!

Register your small business now!


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