Our mission is to empower more Australians to realise their full potential in their work and communities, through exceptional services, relationships, and innovation.
To achieve this, KONEKT employment will;

  • Understand and meet the needs of our employers, clients and hosts, through the development of tailored services and support options.
  • Continuously improve through monitoring and review of our systems and processes, and by providing opportunities for our stakeholders to provide feedback on our performance.
  • Meet our commitment to continuously improve quality for all stakeholders by offering services that comply with our contractual and regulatory requirements.
  • Hold employees accountable for maintaining the quality of work in their area and carrying out their duties in accordance with this policy to ensure KONEKT employment achieves its goals.
  • Periodically review our performance against set quality objectives.
  • Maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of the Department of Employment’s Quality Assurance Framework and ISO 9001:2015.

Adam Collison
Acting Chief Executive
February 2019