Pat Slater NEIS Consultant Adelaide South

Pat has owned and operated a number of small businesses including a small ceramic giftware manufacturing business, a retail outlet in a tourism area, a video production company and has worked as a finance broker.

As a business advisor she has work on the Business Helpline assisting businesses in crisis situation, has been a business advisor and manager at both Tea Tree Gully and Inner West Business Enterprise Centres.

When Pat moved to South Australia in 1993, she used her knowledge and experience to open her very successful retail outlet and help her ex-husband to establish a video production studio. Pat believes that to be successful in business you need to grab every opportunity that comes your way. With careful business planning, a willingness to learn and a measure of self-discipline you never know where you will end up but it will never be boring,

Pat’s favourite business topics are finances and the legal requirements for businesses. She will happily talk for hours about those subjects given the opportunity and believes that a sound understanding of both subjects creates a solid foundation for a business to not only survive but thrive. She is fond of saying “Control your finances or they will control you and your business