Our vision, mission and values

At Konekt Employment, we are passionate about empowering Australians to find lasting employment and to realise their full potential. Our Vision, Mission and Values are the overarching purpose, values and principles which govern all activities of Konekt Employment.

Our purpose

We make a difference by helping Australians into work, back to work, and be well when at work, to maximise workforce participation.

Our vision

We are a trusted leader in delivering solutions that empower Australians to realise their full potential in the communities where they work and live.

Our mission

We always put customers first and we make a difference to the lives of our clients by enabling them to reach their potential in the workplace. We undertake our work with integrity and are personally accountable to those around us as we help drive Konekt forward for the wellbeing of society.

Our values

Everything we do is guided by our core values:


Bring your best self to work each day

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to bring the best of ourselves to work each and every day. We act with impact and influence, follow best practice and always strive for continuous improvement.


Do the right thing and deliver on promises

We are proud of our personal and professional integrity in doing the right thing by each other, our clients, our customers and the community to be a highly respected brand across Australia. We are true to our word and deliver on our commitments.


Help and inspire people above all else

We fearlessly engage with our customers, be curious, ask questions, and build a deep understanding of their needs, wants and pain points. We are commercial in our actions, share customer information and opportunities internally, and respond with speed, agility and energy with innovative solutions.


Aim to improve society as a whole

With the belief that work is good, we change the lives of people, families, communities and workplaces and bring more meaning to society.


Promote a healthy and happy society

We respect ourselves, our work colleagues, our clients and customers’ wellbeing to promote an active, healthy and productive society. We are committed to the financial wellbeing of Konekt to give us the means to make more of a difference to the wellbeing of society.