We can help you find the right staff for your business.

If you’re looking to find new people for your business, we can offer you a professional, tailored recruitment service that doesn’t cost you anything.

At Konekt Employment, we have a simple goal of making recruitment easy. We’ll work with you to ensure your business gains the best possible benefits from our employment services. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Our relationship management approach

We’ll listen carefully to your needs and help you find the best person for the job. We’ll work as a long term partner in your business, and provide you with support and advice on your workforce development needs.

High quality services at no cost

Konekt Employment receives funding from the Australian Government to provide our employment services. This leaves you free to spend your time, energy – and your money – on doing business.

Access to a large pool of potential clients

We have enthusiastic and job ready clients ready to work now. If you need large-scale recruitment or recruitment across multiple states, we can manage the process for you and work with other providers to make sure your needs are met.

Client screening and matching

We’ll screen all potential candidates against your selection criteria, to help you find the right clients quickly and efficiently.

Clients with the right skills for your industry

Our candidates are provided with tailored industry training and skills development based on our understanding of the local labour market. This means we can provide you with clients with the right skills, ready to start when you need them.

In-work support

Once you have hired a candidate through Konekt Employment, we’ll follow up and provide ongoing support to both you and your new staff member. We can also help connect you with any additional support services.

Financial assistance

You could be eligible to receive financial assistance through a wage subsidy. Wage subsidies are government funded payments that can assist you to cover the costs of starting an eligible new employee. Ask us for more information on eligibility.

When you are thinking of hiring new staff, consider our wide range of support and assistance including:

  • A high quality employment service at no recruitment cost, helping save you time and money.
  • Client screening and matching against your selection criteria to help you find the right candidates quickly.
  • Clients with pre-employment training and qualifications directly matched to your industry and to your business.
  • Wage subsidies that can help you cover the costs of hiring eligible clients.
  • Ongoing In-work support to both you and your new employee.
  • The option of no obligation work experience to allow you to trial new staff and find the right fit for your business.

Lodge a Job Vacancy

Lodge a vacancy for your open positions.  A Business Development Consultant will contact you to discuss your job opening within 24 business hours.

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