Aussie Barista Buzz in Granton, Tasmania

When Samantha Walton started Aussie Barista Buzz – a mobile food stand and coffee shop – earlier this year, she didn’t want to just serve coffee, she wanted to create a completely new experience. After only a few months in business, and with the support of New Business Assistance with NEIS through Konekt Employment, herRead More

The Mountain Experience at Mount Wellingon, Tasmania

John Fischer quite literally took a plunge when he started his abseiling business in March 2019. For over 10 years he worked for other people doing tour guides and rock climbing, before he decided to step out on his own and start his own business. Today he runs the Mountain Experience (MTXP), an abseiling andRead More

olde time portraits

Olde Time Portraits and Fairy Tale themes with the help of New Business Assistance with NEIS

Helena Blundell is a photographer in Hobart Tasmania who offers costume based photography portraits and wedding photography. Helena’s passion for art and photography began in her 20s after completing a two year course at TAFE Fashion Design School.  She had her own fashion label and even went overseas to the London Fashion Show.  Upon herRead More