If you’re looking for ways to get fast-tracked into work, you may want to consider a candidate pool.

After you have been accepted into a Konekt Employment candidate pool, you will be placed on an employment priority list, where you’ll be one of the first people considered when a new job opens with one of our preferred employers.


What are candidate pools?

Through our relationships with local employers, we gain an in-depth understanding of the skills and qualifications local employers are seeking when they hire new staff.

Once you’ve been assessed and accepted into a candidate pool, we will start actively preparing you to help meet the immediate needs of local industries.


Why should I apply for a candidate pool?

Depending on the industry, you could receive tailored industry training and skills development, as well as interview preparation to help you perform at interviews.

When a position opens, you will already have the skills and qualifications you need, which means you will be ready to fit right into the company.


What candidate pool groups are available?

In-demand industries may vary from location to location, and new candidate pools may become available throughout the year. Current and upcoming candidate pools include customer service, hospitality, manufacturing, and process work as well as a general candidate pool.

Ask your Konekt Employment advisor which candidate pools are available in your area.


Key benefits:

  • Get access to exclusive vacancies
  • Receive in-demand industry training and skills development
  • Actively prepare you so you are ready to work when a position opens


Who are we looking for?

To become part of a candidate pool, we are looking for people who:

  • Have a ‘can do’ positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Have appropriate interview clothes (speak to us – we may be able to assist)
  • Have a current up-to-date resume
  • Can be easily contactable (by mobile and email)


To find out more

If you are interested in applying for a candidate pool group, ask your Konekt Employment Advisor to book you into the next available session.