Youth Jobs PaTH

With the Youth Jobs PaTH, you can trial a young person in your business for 4-12 weeks. Internships can help you find out if a young person is the right fit for your business. What’s more, you’ll receive a payment of $1000 to help with the costs of the internship. And if you offer a full-timeRead More

Steps to make a successful NEIS application

The NEIS program provides free training and support to help people who are not currently working to start their very own business. If you’d like to start your own business and you’re thinking about applying to NEIS, keep in mind that your business idea needs to be commercially viable.  You’ll need to show there isRead More

Make a great job interview first impression

First impressions matter more than you think.  Most people form an opinion of you in the first few seconds after you meet, and the impression you leave can greatly influence whether or not you get the job. Here are a few tips to help you make a great first impression. Arrive to the interview atRead More

Why you should research skills in demand areas

If you’re looking for a job, it can be extremely useful to find out about ‘skills in demand’. Employers sometimes find it difficult to find people with the right skills to do a particular job.  When not enough people have the skills to do a particular job, this is called a ‘skills in demand’ area.Read More

Get up to $10,000 when you hire young workers

Did you know you can receive a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 when you hire eligible young people? The Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy is available to businesses that hire eligible young people between 15 to 25 years of age as part of the Youth Employment Package. The job you provide should be ongoing, forRead More

Video pick: How to add jobs to your Job Search Effort

After you’ve registered with jobactive.gov.au, you can keep all of your job hunting from Seek and CareerOne in one place. This video from jobactive shows you how.

Video pick: What you should do with your hands in an interview

The way you use your hands during an interview can actually say a lot about you. In fact, successfully using your hands can show your level of confidence and can also help you show sincerity and build trust. If you’re not sure what you should do (and what you shouldn’t do) with your hands inRead More

Video pick: How to sell yourself in a job interview

Even if you’re the best person for the job, you could miss out if you don’t sell yourself in your job interview. This quick video from THINKR gives you some expert advice on how to effectively communicate your skills in a job interview.

Video pick: Common interview questions and answers

The more prepared you are for an interview, the more likely you’ll be in getting the job. This short video from Let’s Talk goes through some common interview questions and answers.